16h03 2018

At 16h03, Christophe is seen rushing to a an office which closes at 16h. He urgently needs to pay a fine on the same day. On reaching there, Iqbal, the security guy, refuses to let him in. He eventually manages to bribe Iqbal to let him in, but is it the right way to go, time will tell...

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The C Word 2017

A newbie at a construction company, Christophe loves his job and makes sure to impress his boss. One day he finds out his boss is into something fishy regarding a construction permit. Does Christophe have the guts to go on and utter the C word?

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Batmen 2016

While hiding themselves from the police who are tracking them down, two bats are joined by another one who's just been injured. The latter tells them of his misadventure which gives a truthful overview of the conflicting situation in Mauritius between bats, lychees and their respective defenders.

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Keeper 2012

Kevin is a 9-year-old goalkeeper who's a fan of famous goalkeeper Dev Gopala and whose oven gloves are worn out. His neighbor, who coaches him, gives him woolen gloves that he customizes. Yet Kevin unwittingly ends up losing them.

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Home, Away 2011

Alex is a huge Manchester United fan who's preparing for a Manchester versus Liverpool game. He has a satellite dish installed to be able to watch the game on TV. His young neighbour Kenny is a Liverpool fan who also hopes he'll be able to watch the game. Yet Alex rejects his request...

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Un Jour, Un Destin 2010

Sophie, a passionate painter, and her daughter Lya live by themselves. One day, while going out to sell a painting, her car breaks down in the heart of the countryside but she gets some help from Coco, an old and embittered sculptor. Destiny has them meet again a few days later. Curious, Sophie will learn deeply moving and surprising things about the man.

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Once Upon a Train 2009

Memories of the trains that once existed in Mauritius are still fresh in the minds of the few witnesses. Numerous anecdotes pave the path of the trains, which moved around the island from 1864 to 1964, giving us a glimpse of the fanciful railway era of Mauritius.

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Rouzblézonnver 2008

Victor makes a Mauritian flag for his seven-year-old son on Independance Day. He goes to pick up his son, who lives with his ex-wife. But on the journey, he loses his flag...

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Eros 2005

Eros is the angel of love, Kidé is the angel of children. Even though he is the angel of love, Eros does not believe in love until he meets Lilas, a surprisingly simple girl...

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Tanga 2002

Ken, aged 10, is the unique child of a modest family living the in a small coastal village. He is very passionate about football and has always dreamt of getting a 'real' pair of football shoes. And Ken has seen one in a shop. Since then he has just one goal in life : save up to be able to buy it. Meanwhile, he still wears his worn out 'Tanga' (rubber sandals) to go to school and to play football with his friends.

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Zour de Gloire 1995

Wassim Sookia

I am Wassim and I was born in Curepipe, Mauritius in July 1975. Since my childhood, I have had the chance to enjoy a family house where cameras and videos were lying in wait for me to use and experiment.

It was during a college lunch break while leaning against a wall on my own and watching the other kids playing (I played only with cameras) that I suddenly decided I wanted to make films. I was 12 then.

Since then I have fooled around with cameras and did some serious stuffs too that I am happy to share with you for FREE on this website. Enjoy!